Shop Talk is a Unique Language Learning Tool
for Spanish and English Speakers






ShopTalk is a unique language learning tool for Spanish and English speakers who desire to learn Spanish or English without having to learn an entire language. ShopTalk is a simplified learning tool that teaches specific words and phrases in the many different trades and industries that employ Spanish speaking workers.

ShopTalk software is perfect for the English speaking employers who need to speak some Spanish to communicate with their employees more effectively.

ShopTalk uses the specific trade/industry words and phrases to learn Spanish & English to improve your occupation or business. Each program works for both English speakers and Spanish speakers. There is no need to buy two different programs.

Our state of the art program allows the English speaker to learn Specific Spanish words and phrases for their Job to increase production and reduce mistakes and miscommunication.

If English is your first language then our program will help the user learn trade specific words and phrases to bridge the language gap in the work place.

If Spanish is your first language then this program will teach you enough English to help you talk with your customers and employer to reduce mistakes.